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        M1 Monotube Rear Shocks | 6-8" | Chevy/GMC S10 Blazer/S10 Truck/S15 Jimmy 2WD/4WD

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        Rough Country
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        Whether you're tackling tough terrain or smooth city streets, Rough Country's Nitrogen-charged M1 Monotube Shock Absorber leads the way, delivering impeccable ride quality and performance mile after mile. Rough Country's Monotube M1 Shocks feature an internal floating piston design that keeps the shock oil and high-pressure nitrogen separate. The result is a lightning-fast reaction with no cavitation - just unbridled vibration damping at each and every obstacle. The M1 Monotube Shock Absorber is more than an upgrade - it's a true performance shock. Each shock features a steel body that is brushed and glavanized boasting a passivation sealing technology that is sure to withstand the elements. The internal 46mm digressive piston offers countless years of durability. The M1 is designed to be mounted body-up for a more interesting look on the vehicle.
          • SKU
          • Weight
            13.26 lbs
          • Dimensions (L x W x H)
            27.56 x 5.75 x 2.95 in
          • Barcode
        • Brand
          Rough Country
        • Fitment
          • Fitment Type
            Vehicle Specific
        1982ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1982GMCS15 Pickup
        1983ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1983ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1983GMCS15 Pickup
        1983GMCS15 Jimmy
        1984ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1984ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1984GMCS15 Pickup
        1984GMCS15 Jimmy
        1985ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1985ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1985GMCS15 Pickup
        1985GMCS15 Jimmy
        1986ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1986ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1986GMCS15 Pickup
        1986GMCS15 Jimmy
        1987ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1987ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1987GMCS15 Pickup
        1987GMCS15 Jimmy
        1988ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1988ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1988GMCS15 Pickup
        1988GMCS15 Jimmy
        1989ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1989ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1989GMCS15 Pickup
        1989GMCS15 Jimmy
        1990ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1990ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1990GMCS15 Pickup
        1990GMCS15 Jimmy
        1991ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1991ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1991GMCS15 Jimmy
        1992ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1992ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1992GMCS15 Jimmy
        1993ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1993ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1993GMCS15 Jimmy
        1994ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1994ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1994GMCS15 Jimmy
        1995ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1995ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1995GMCS15 Jimmy
        1996ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1996ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1996GMCS15 Jimmy
        1997ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1997ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1997GMCS15 Jimmy
        1998ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1998ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1998GMCS15 Jimmy
        1999ChevroletS10 Pickup
        1999ChevroletS10 Blazer
        1999GMCS15 Jimmy
        2000ChevroletS10 Pickup
        2000ChevroletS10 Blazer
        2000GMCS15 Jimmy
        2001ChevroletS10 Pickup
        2001ChevroletS10 Blazer
        2001GMCS15 Jimmy
        2002ChevroletS10 Pickup
        2002ChevroletS10 Blazer
        2003ChevroletS10 Pickup
        2003ChevroletS10 Blazer
        2004ChevroletS10 Pickup
        2004ChevroletS10 Blazer
        2005ChevroletS10 Blazer
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