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RC-RCZ4705 Cab Heater | Yamaha Viking

        RC-RCZ4705 Cab Heater | Yamaha Viking

        Requires cutting
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        Rough Country
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        Stay nice and warm wherever you are with Rough Country's lineup of UTV heaters! These convenient all-inclusive heating systems come with everything you need to upgrade your vehicle and provide a whopping 16,000 BTUs to keep you warm all winter long! Each kit features a heating system, hose, splicers, clamps, mounting brackets, duct work, and a rocker switch for easy operation! Rough Country's UTV Heating Systems are designed to be a direct fit to your UTV, and once installed looks like factory equipment! The result is a clean, flush install that doesn't take up any crucial cab space! Each kit includes defrost and floor louvers giving you full control to direct heat where it is needed most. Don't suffer through the cold season ever again! Rough Country's heating system is the best UTV heater available! Includes a 3-year warranty.
          • SKU
          • Weight
            9.9 lbs
          • Dimensions (L x W x H)
            12 x 12 x 12 in
          • Barcode
        • Brand
          Rough Country
        • Fitment
          • Fitment Type
            Vehicle Specific
        2014YamahaViking EPS
        2015YamahaViking EPS
        2015YamahaViking EPS SE
        2015YamahaViking VI
        2015YamahaViking VI EPS
        2015YamahaViking VI EPS SE
        2016YamahaViking EPS
        2016YamahaViking EPS SE
        2016YamahaViking VI
        2016YamahaViking VI EPS
        2016YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch Edition
        2016YamahaViking VI EPS SE
        2017YamahaViking EPS
        2017YamahaViking EPS SE
        2017YamahaViking VI
        2017YamahaViking VI EPS
        2017YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch Edition
        2018YamahaViking EPS
        2018YamahaViking EPS Ranch Edition
        2018YamahaViking EPS SE
        2018YamahaViking VI
        2018YamahaViking VI EPS
        2018YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch Edition
        2019YamahaViking EPS
        2019YamahaViking EPS Ranch Edition
        2019YamahaViking EPS SE
        2019YamahaViking VI
        2019YamahaViking VI EPS
        2019YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch Edition
        2020YamahaViking EPS
        2020YamahaViking EPS Ranch Edition
        2020YamahaViking EPS SE
        2020YamahaViking VI
        2020YamahaViking VI EPS
        2020YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch Edition
        2021YamahaViking EPS
        2021YamahaViking EPS Ranch Edition
        2021YamahaViking EPS SE
        2021YamahaViking VI
        2021YamahaViking VI EPS
        2021YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch Edition
        2022YamahaViking EPS
        2022YamahaViking EPS Ranch Edition
        2022YamahaViking EPS SE
        2022YamahaViking VI
        2022YamahaViking VI EPS
        2022YamahaViking VI EPS Ranch Edition
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